Дистрибутивы Linux

  • DesktopBSD

    DesktopBSD — операционная система, созданная на основе FreeBSD. Система ориентирована на использование для рабочих станций (см. Desktop). Отличается от FreeBSD использованием по умолчанию оконного интерфейса KDE и соответствующего набора программ. Установка системы происходит с помощью графического инсталлятора на базе BSD Installer, также предусмотрена работа в режиме LiveCD (без инсталляции на компьютер).
  • Gibraltar Firewall

    Gibraltar is a Debian-based firewall package which is bootable directly from a CD-ROM, so hard disk installation is not necessary. The configuration data is optionally stored on a hard disk, floppy disk or USB storage device. Gibraltar was specifically developed for small to medium-size enterprises and fulfils all demands for an up-to-date firewall package. In times where the threats of viruses, worms, trojan horses or hackers are increasing rapidly, Gibraltar offers an extensive protection of internet connections. Besides a commercial release of Gibraltar a free edition is also available.
  • Grml

    Grml is a bootable CD (live CD) based on Debian GNU/Linux. It includes a collection of GNU/Linux software especially for users of text tools and system administrators. It also provides automatic hardware detection. Grml can be used as a rescue system, for analysing systems and networks, or as a working environment. Due to on-the-fly decompression, Grml includes about 2 GB of software and documentation on the CD.
  • Linux Mangaka

    Linux Mangaka is a desktop Linux distribution originally designed primarily for the fans of Japanese Manga and Anime, but eventually evolving into a complete, beginner-friendly operating system with complete multimedia support. Based on Ubuntu with GNOME and Google desktop, the distribution includes a large variety of programs for graphics design, many freely available Google applications, a number of games, and an innovative set of desktop themes.
  • Plop Linux

    Plop Linux is a small distribution that can boot from CD, DVD, USB flash drive (UFD), USB hard disk or from network with PXE. It is designed to rescue data from a damaged system, backup and restore operating systems, automate tasks and more.
  • Proxmox

    Proxmox is a commercial company offering specialised products based on Debian GNU/Linux, notably Proxmox Virtual Environment and Proxmox Mail Gateway. Proxmox Virtual Environment is an open-source virtualization platform for running virtual appliances and virtual machines. Proxmox Mail Gateway is a mail gateway with anti-spam and anti-virus features. The products are offered as free downloads with paid-for support and subscription options.
  • Server Optimized Linux

    SoL (Server optimized Linux) is a Linux distribution completely independent from other Linux distributions. It was built from the original source packages and is optimised for heavy-duty server work. It contains all common server applications, and features XML boot and script technology that makes it easy to configure and make the server work.



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