Дистрибутивы Linux

  • Absolute Linux

    Absolute Linux - это модификация дестрибуции операционной системы Slackware, которая позволяет удобно работать с Интрнет и мультимедиа, а также хорошо подходит для домашнего использования. Для использования ОС Absolute Linux, необходимо иметь 128 mb(операционную память), и 500 MHz(процесор).

    Austrumi Linux представляет собой маленький, в 100 мб размером, полнофункциональный LiveCD дистрибутив, собранный на базе Slackware латвийскими программистами. Что примечательно: суппорт русского языка из коробки, и очень дружелюбный дизайн.
  • CDlinux

    CDlinux - это маленький (около 60Мб) десктоп-дистрибутив Linux. с оконным менеджером Xfce и распространяемого в виде LiveCD дисков размером 25 Мб, 60 Мб и 200 Мб. Обеспечивает хорошую локализацию. Легок в настройке и удобен в работе.
  • Draco GNU/Linux

    Draco GNU/Linux — дистрибутив GNU/Linux, основанный на Slackware Linux и pkgsrc (система управления пакетами, разработанная NetBSD). Draco поставляется в виде минимальной по объему системы, которую можно настроить под свои нужды установкой дополнительного программного обеспечения, доступного на FTP-сервере проекта.
  • Imagineos

    Imagineos (formerly GoblinX) is a bootable live CD distribution based on Slackware Linux. The primary goal for Imagineos is to create a more pleasant and functional desktop, standardising all icons and themes to make it easy for novice users to learn about available applications.
  • JoLinux

    JoLinux is a Brazilian desktop Linux distribution for x86_64 platforms based on Slackware Linux.
  • Kongoni GNU/Linux

    Kongoni GNU/Linux is a Slackware-based, desktop-oriented GNU/Linux distribution and live CD. Its main features include a graphical installer, a Kongoni Integrated Setup System (KISS), and an easy-to-use Ports Installation GUI (PIG). The distribution's package management borrows its main concepts from BSD ports, with an intuitive graphical package installer that compiles and installs programs from source code on the user's system.
  • Linvo GNU/Linux

    Linvo GNU/Linux is a Slackware-based distribution and live CD/DVD. Some of its more interesting features include a careful selection of applications for every-day use, installable to hard disk from the live medium, use of software modules for extensive customisation of the live CD, availability of the GNOME desktop, applications installed and managed on a per-user basis, and out-of-the-box support for most multimedia formats.
  • Plamo Linux

    Plamo Linux is a Japanese Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux. The installer, and many text-based and graphical tools have been updated to include Japanese language support.
  • Porteus

    Porteus is a fast, portable and modular live CD/USB medium based on Slackware Linux. The distribution started as a community remix of Slax, another Slackware-based live CD (which is no longer actively maintained), with KDE 3 as the default desktop for the i486 edition and a stripped-down KDE 4 as the desktop environment for the x86_64 flavour. The lightweight LXDE is available as an alternative desktop environment.
  • pQui Linux

    pQui Linux is a Brazilian desktop-oriented distribution based on Slackware Linux.
  • RIPLinuX

    Recovery Is Possible (RIP) is a Slackware-based CD or floppy boot/rescue/backup/maintenance system. It has support for a lot of filesystem types (Reiserfs, Reiser4, ext2/3, iso9660, UDF, XFS, JFS, UFS, HPFS, HFS, MINIX, MS DOS, NTFS, and VFAT) and contains a bunch of utilities for system recovery. It also has IDE/SCSI/SATA, PCMCIA, RAID, LVM2, and Ethernet/DSL/cable/PPP/PPPOE network support.
  • Salix OS

    Salix OS is a Slackware-based Linux distribution that is simple, fast, easy to use and compatible with Slackware Linux. Optimised for desktop use, Salix OS features one application per task, custom package repositories, advanced package management with dependency support, localised system administration tools and innovative artwork.
  • Superb Mini Server

    Superb Mini Server (SMS) is a Slackware-based server distribution with web, DNS, DHCP, file, print and fax servers, iptables firewall, mail server with spam filter and anti-virus scanner, and BitTorrent station. It also includes Webmin, a web-based administration tool, but no graphical desktop. SMS, which comes with Slackware's text-mode system installer, is built using Linux-Live scripts (from Slax) and can be used as a live CD for testing purposes.
  • VectorLinux

    VectorLinux is a small, fast, Intel based Linux operating system for PC style computers. The creators of VectorLinux had a single credo: keep it simple, keep it small and let the end user decide what their operating system is going to be. What has evolved from this concept is perhaps the best little Linux operating system available anywhere. For the casual computer user there is a lightening-fast desktop with graphical programs to handle daily activities from web surfing, sending and receiving email, chatting on IRC to running an FTP server. The power user will be pleased because all the tools are there to compile programs, use the system as a server or perhaps the gateway for home or office computer network. Administrators will be equally pleased because of the small size and memory requirements, so the operating system can be deployed on older machines that have long been forgotten.
  • Wifislax

    Wifislax is a Slackware-based live CD containing a variety of security and forensics tools. The distribution's main claim to fame is the integration of various unofficial network drivers into the Linux kernel, thus providing out-of-the-box support for a large number of wired and wireless network cards.
  • Zenwalk Linux

    Zenwalk Linux (formerly Minislack) is a Slackware-based GNU/Linux operating system with a goal of being slim and fast by using only one application per task and with focus on graphical desktop and multimedia usage. Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology along with a complete programming environment and libraries to provide an ideal platform for application programmers. Zenwalk's modular approach also provides a simple way to convert Zenwalk Linux into a finely-tuned modern server (e.g. LAMP, messaging, file sharing).



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