Дистрибутивы Linux

  • AbulÉdu

    AbulÉdu – французский дистрибутив GNU/Linux, созданный специально для обработки данных в образовательных учреждениях. Изначально в основу AbulÉdu была положена Mandriva Linux, затем – Debian/Knoppix, а нынешний выпуск, AbulÉdu 11.08, основан на Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, дополненном значительным количеством новых приложений и улучшенных инструментов, таких как LibreOffice 3.3, OOo4Kids со словарями, AbiWord, LyX, Firefox 7.0 с AdBlock Plus, DansGuardian, Thunderbird, Pidgin, TuxPaint, GIMP, Scribus, Stellarium, VLC, Audacity, TBI Sankoré 3.1, Dr Géo, Tux Math, Tux Type. Live DVD позволяет протестировать дистрибутив, обеспечивает безопасное посещение сайтов Интернета, соединение со школным сервером для выполнения домашней работы или чтения электронных писем, соединение клиента AbulÉdu с сервером LTSP.
  • Alinex

    Alinex, developed by the Universidade de Évora, is a Ubuntu-based Portuguese Linux distribution designed for the students of the university. It includes an easy installation program, complete localisation into Portuguese, and all the necessary software the university students might need to develop new applications.
  • ALT Linux

    Дистрибутивы ALT Linux (Альт Линукс) — это семейство дистрибутивов Linux, являющихся отдельной ветвью развития русскоязычного Linux, выпускаемых компанией «Альт Линукс» и её партнёрами, основывающихся на разработках русскоязычной команды разработчиков ALT Linux Team. Большинство дистрибутивов Альт Линукс доступны для свободного скачивания.
  • DoudouLinux

    DoudouLinux - это дистрибутив Linux, предназначенный для детей[1]; был разработан в 2010 и выпущен официальным релизом в 2011 году. Основанный на Debian (ДудуЛинукс признан официальным деривативом) и доступный на многоих языка, ДудуЛинукс обладает такими принципиальными качествами, как простота в обращении и возможность использования на всех стадиях роста ребёнка, что делает систему подходящей для дошкольников (от двух лет.
  • Edubuntu

    Edubuntu — дистрибутив операционной системы Linux, основанный на дистрибутиве Ubuntu. Ориентирован на использование в образовательных учреждениях.
  • Guadalinex

    Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by the government of Andalucía (Junta de Andalucía) in Spain.
  • Joli OS

    Joli OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It is geared towards extreme user-friendliness so that any computer user can install it with just one click. Besides the standard ISO image, the distribution is also provided as a Windows executable file which can resize an existing Windows partition and install Joli OS as an alternative operating system. Other Joli OS features include heavy orientation towards web application and services, online backup option, web-based software installation interface, inclusion of proprietary hardware drivers and non-free media codecs, and extensive social networking features.
  • Karoshi

    Karoshi is a free and open source school server operating system based on Ubuntu. Karoshi provides a simple graphical interface that allows for quick installation, setup and maintenance of a network.
  • KnoSciences

    KnoSciences is a Knoppix-based bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. It is designed for use in educational institutions.
  • Linux From Scratch

    Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own custom Linux system. There are a lot of reasons why somebody would want to install an LFS system. The question most people raise is "why go through all the hassle of manually installing a Linux system from scratch when you can just download an existing distribution like Debian or Redhat". That is a valid question which I hope to answer for you. The most important reason for LFS's existence is teaching people how a Linux system works internally. Building an LFS system teaches you about all that makes Linux tick, how things work together, and depend on each other. And most importantly, how to customize it to your own taste and needs.
  • Linux-EduCD

    Linux-EduCD is a PCLinuxOS-based live DVD developed by Poland's SIMP Studium Techniki. It focuses on education, graphics, office and multimedia use and is designed specifically for use in Polish educational institutions.
  • LliureX

    LliureX is a project of the Council of Culture, Education and Sport at the Municipality of Valencia, Spain. The LliureX distribution is an Edubuntu-based live and installation DVD with support for Valencian (a dialect of Catalan) and Spanish. It is intended as an operating system for educational institutions in the Valencia region. LliureX uses exclusively Free Software and is distributed free of charge.
  • MAX: Madrid_Linux

    Madrid_Linux, or MAX for short, is an GNU/Linux distribution created by the Council of Education of Madrid, Spain. It is a live operating system based on Ubuntu. Besides the ability to boot the operating system on any computer, the distribution includes a graphical installer with an option to resize FAT or NTFS partition and create space for installing MAX on a hard disk.

    MINIX is a UNIX-like computer operating system based on a microkernel architecture. It is extremely small, with the part that runs in kernel mode in about 5,000 lines of source code, while the parts that run in user mode are divided into small, insulated modules which enhance system reliability. Originally designed as an educational tool, the latest versions of MINIX are also targetted at embedded systems and low-power laptops. By the project's own admission, MINIX is work in progress and is nowhere near as mature as BSD or Linux. It is released under a BSD-type licence.

    One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is an initiative to build a low-cost laptop computer with a pre-installed operating system and applications designed for children in developing countries. The operating system is a Linux-based solution, a heavily customised edition of Fedora Core with a special graphical user interface called Sugar. Among applications, the system includes a web browser built on Xulrunner, a simple document viewer based on Evince; the AbiWord word processor, an RSS reader, email, chat and VOIP clients, a multimedia authoring and playback environment, a music composition toolkit, graphics toolkits, games, a shell, and a debugger.

    PAIPIX is a compilation of free software, based on Debian Live, that is meant to be used in any environment, but with special vocation for educational use in the information and instrumentation technologies. It is developed by the College of Sciences at the University of Lisbon.
  • Qimo 4 Kids

    Qimo 4 Kids is a distribution of Linux, derived from the popular Ubuntu, customised for use by children ages 3 and up. It comes pre-installed with free and open source games that are both educational and entertaining, with many more educational titles available for download from Ubuntu. The interface of Qimo 4 Kids has been specifically designed to be easy to navigate by the youngest of users.
  • Skolelinux

    Skolelinux is the Debian-edu project's Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) in development. It is aiming to provide an out-of-the-box localised environment tailored for schools and universities. The out-of-the-box environment comes with 75 applications aimed at schools, as well as 15 network services pre-configured for a school environment. The simple, three-question installation requires minimal technical knowledge. Skolelinux is Debian, which means, among other things, that there are no license costs or worries, and that upgrade and maintenance of the software can be done over the Internet with the power of Debian's apt-get. The core goals of Skolelinux are localisation and ease of system administration.
  • SuliX

    SuliX is a Hungarian, Fedora-based distribution for schools. Its main features are usability, Hungarian language support, "freshness" in terms of software updates and educational purpose. It can be used in schools, for IT education or as a Linux migration tool. The name "SuliX" comes from Hungarian: "suli" means "school" in child's language. SuliX is developed by a small group of teachers in Hungary.
  • Trisquel GNU/Linux

    Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% libre Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. Its main purpose is to provide an operating system for varied audience, including home and office users, educational institutions, multimedia workstations, etc. The project is managed by independent developers and is partially funded by donations.
  • UberStudent

    UberStudent ("uber" meaning "productive" in Latin) is an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD designed for learning and teaching academic computing at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. UberStudent comes with software for everyday computing tasks, plus a core set of programs and features designed to teach and make easier the tasks and habits common to high-performing students of all academic disciplines. Lifelong learners, as well as any sort of knowledge worker, will equally benefit. UberStudent is supported by a free Moodle virtual learning environment.



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