Архитектуры: i686
Категории: Beginners, Desktop, Education, Live Medium
Окружение рабочего стола: GNOME, LXDE
Родительский дистрибутив: Debian GNU/Linux (Все форки Debian GNU/Linux)
Страна: USA
Сайт: http://uberstudent.org/
Uberstudent ("uber" meaning "productive" in Latin) is an Ubuntu-based distribution on a DVD designed for learning and teaching academic computing at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. Uberstudent comes with software for everyday computing tasks, plus a core set of programs and features designed to teach and make easier the tasks and habits common to high-performing students of all academic disciplines. Lifelong learners, as well as any sort of knowledge worker, will equally benefit. Uberstudent is supported by a free Moodle virtual learning environment.
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