Дистрибутивы Linux

  • Burapha Linux

    Дистрибутив Burapha Linux базируется на Slackware и выпускается Университетом Бурафа (Burapha University), Таиланд.
  • LinuxTLE

    LinuxTLE is a community Linux distribution developed in Thailand and designed for the Thai speaking audience. The early versions were based on Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core, but starting with version 8.0, the developers have chosen Ubuntu as the distribution's new base system.
  • Phayoune Secure Linux

    Phayoune Linux is a live distribution based on Linux From Scratch and optimised for USB storage devices. Besides standard desktop software, it also includes a variety of server applications, including a firewall, web server, mail server, database server, file server and application server.
  • Suriyan

    Suriyan is an Ubuntu-based distribution developed by Thai Open Source, an organisation that aims to promote free and open-source software in Thailand. The project's primary goal is to develop an easy-to-use alternative operating system with complete support for the Thai language.



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