Архитектуры: i386
Категории: Desktop, Live Medium, Old Computers
Окружение рабочего стола: JWM, ROX
Родительский дистрибутив: Независимая разработка
Страна: Australia
Сайт: http://bkhome.org/quirky/
Quirky, a sister project of Puppy Linux, is a Linux distribution built with a custom tool called Woof. The underlying infrastructure, such as boot-up and shut-down scripts, setup tools, hardware detection, desktop management, user interface, speed and general ease-of-use are common across all distributions built with Woof, but a specific build will have a different package selection and further customisation (even totally different binary packages). Quirky is developed by the founder of Puppy Linux and Woof to push the envelope a bit further, to explore some new ideas in the underlying infrastructure -- some of which may be radical or odd, hence the name Quirky.
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